National History Museum arcitecture
George in the underground
National History Museum
National History Museum
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Anonymous said: Why do you like photography?

Good question. I just feel like it is the best way to capture a memory/something special. I just really like capturing pictures of certain things I find cool/intersting and being able to look back on them.

pineapppleee said: im sure you get a lot of people inboxing you, but i just wanted to say how much i love and appreciate your blog. blog seems like such a bland word, because it's so much more than a blog, its way to express who you are, and you seem so wonderful and adventuress, which is exactly what i need and in search for. i know my little icon picture does no justice because with my theme to my blog, i cant use my face, but i hope we can carry out a friendship through this :') x

Haha I don’t! Ahh thanks so much, your blog is awesome too. You should start going on adventures!

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